L.B. Dunbar – Author

The Sensations Collection. Legendary Rock Star Series. Paradise Stories.

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Author of Contemporary New Adult Romance.

Paradise Stories

Paradise Tempted: The Beginning – a prequel to Cain’s story

Paradise Fought: Abel

Paradise Found: Cain –  Releases 6.6.16

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Shorts in Anthologies

Getting Lucky Anthology – proceeds go to National Institute of Mental Health

Chance Encounter – 25K story by L.B. Dunbar

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Mouth Rocks the Heart – proceeds go to GoRed – Women’s Heart Health Awareness

The Red Dress Affair – 10K story by L.B. Dunbar



The Sensations Collection.

Small town romance filled with big hearts.

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The Legendary Rock Star Series

Rock Stars. Romance. Sex. And a bit of Suspense.

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