Paradise Stories

In the beginning…there were two brothers.

One was a fighter; one was not. Little did they know the greatest fight of their lives faced them.


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Excerpt from Paradise Tempted – (c) L.B. Dunbar

I was pretty sure killing someone meant I wasn’t going to get away with murder. Murder means intent to kill; however, I hadn’t meant to kill him. Not really. I just meant to finish him. Either way, I needed to lay low after the incident. I wasn’t hiding as much as avoiding: avoiding the media, avoiding the investigation, avoiding my father. Of course, “Daddy Dearest” knew where I was. He had to know. He demanded Kursch, my bodyguard, come with me. Loyal to me, but it was still my father who paid his bills…with my money. I was the breadwinner for the family, at the moment. It was my fight to keep us ahead. A fight. Literally.

All I wanted was the weekend away. I needed some separation. The last thing I needed was to get involved with someone, but it appeared that I had. As I twisted to my side, I noticed the telltale signs of another night drowned by drink and an unknown conquest. I rolled to my back and stared at the ceiling for a moment, before I felt her shift next to me.

“Okay, sweetheart, time to go,” I announced to the ceiling. I sensed her motion rather than watched it. When I turned my head on the hotel pillow to face her, she was staring at me. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. The most intense blue eyes were looking at me. No, studying me.

I don’t think I blinked for a full minute. I was so ensnared by the deepness of the blue. They were a refreshing lake and I needed to cleanse my soul. I was the devil. The snake.

“Time to go,” I said breaking the spell.

She sat up then and looked at me over her shoulder. Dark waves flowed down her back, and that’s when I noticed it. She was dressed. Her red t-shirt covered her, exposing slim arms. I scanned her body to notice her ass coved in boy cut briefs of the same color. I also realized she was on the top side of the covers. What the fuck?

I sat up too abruptly and gripped my forehead. The throbbing was immense. So was the throbbing someplace else. My body had its typical morning reaction. However, I was the only one barely dressed. The sheet slid down my hard abs to expose the full breadth of the snake that covered my upper chest and wound its way down my right arm. Those blue eyes scanned my colorful skin and licked me with their admiration. I suddenly wanted to know what it would feel like to have her tongue on me with those innocent eyes staring up at me.

“You know what? Maybe one more before you go,” I said and flopped back on the pillow. I pushed the sheet down with my boxer briefs and let the full length of me out into the warmth of her stare.

I saw her swallow, which only made me harder.

“Well,” I said and nodded to myself.

Suddenly, those baptismal blue eyes narrowed and scorched me with an evil I don’t think I’ve ever faced before.

“What exactly do you think happened last night?” she asked. Her voice was both ice and fire at once. It froze me and brought me comfort.

“We fucked, and I’m sure I was fabulous. A cobra is the fiercest snake after all,” I grinned. “I want one last thank you, and then you can go,” I added. “Taste the fruit.”

I saw it happen. It’s shit only romance authors write. Her face fell. A mask came down over those eyes, and they suddenly showed her innocence. She averted what I held erect for her pleasure and mine.

“What do you think happened?” she asked softly, the coldness in her tone turned warm syrup.

“We fucked,” I responded crassly. She swallowed again. Her eyes were losing the battle to not look at me, and then she closed them. She turned away from me and scooted herself off the end of the bed. I saw her stand then bend to pick up a floral skirt. She tugged up the flowing silky material and straightened her t-shirt. She flipped her hair over her shoulder, sweeping it up into a ponytail.

As she stretched to work her hair in a complicated twist, I took in the full length of her body: flat stomach, shorter legs, larger breasts for a smaller frame. I watched her walk to the side of the bed, opposite mine, and pick up a pair of red-framed glasses that matched her snug t-shirt. She stared down at her left hand for a moment, before pulling something from her finger.

I was still laying there petrified as I held my most precious body part upright. The bed sheet draped over my thighs. I stared at her blue eyes that softened as she spoke.

“It was fun, if just pretend.” She smiled weakly and held up the large diamond before placing it on the stand.

I knew instantly something was wrong. She crossed the room to the door before I sat up and covered myself.

“Wait,” was crossing my lips, as she opened the door and slipped outside.