Paradise Tempted: The Beginning

A 14K short that tells what happened to Cain and Sofie…in the beginning.

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In the beginning…

There was the darkness of his past. A snake in the garden and the woman he admired.

In the beginning…

There was a mysterious attraction to someone she shouldn’t desire. A thirst for knowledge of things she’d never known.

In the beginning…

There was temptation beyond control. It was only supposed to be one bite, but a fruit so savory was a taste he knew he’d want again.

In the beginning…

There was a start to the greatest fight of his life. Love.


Round 1 for Cain Callahan, Cobra, an MMA fighter, and his sweet temptation, Sofie Vincentia. This is a short prequel to the Paradise Stories, followed by Paradise Fought: Abel and Paradise Found: Cain.

In the beginning, there was the strongest attraction to love.