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bannerSWPVNew Release: Sight Words 

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The end of the Sensations Collection tells the tale of Tricia Carter, the last member of the Carter and Scott families. She’s been waiting for love, and as a small town teacher little prepares her for it coming in the form of an adult gang member in hiding named Leon Ramirez. Lessons in love are on the way.

Coming Soon: The Quest of Perkins Vale 

The third story in The Legendary Rock Stars series: it’s the day after, and this time it’s Perkins perspective as he was a key part of the night before. He’s been holding out for the love of his life, saving himself for her, only to discover she might not be who or what he remembers. Searching for her has been his quest, but what to do with her once he found her was another story.

Special Feature Anthology: Foreplay

22 Authors – 22 first chapters from my Book Besties all in one convenient place. FREE on all sales channels. The Legend of Arturo King is inside.

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