Sterling Heat

Want more of Enya and Sebastian? Read about them five years later.

Sterling Streak

Want more of Ford and Cadence? Read five years in their future.

Sterling Brick

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Want more of Holliday and Nick? Read the remainder of the twelve days of Christmas from Nick’s POV.


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Hauling Ashe

Want more of Mae and Tucker? Read about their trip to New Mexico.

Merging Wright

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Rhode Trip

Want more of Lindee and Thad? Read about their wedding day.

Living at 40

Want more of Autumn and Logan? Read about another announcement from Autumn.

Learning at 40

Want more of River and Zack? Read Zack’s proposal.

Loving at 40

Want more of Jenna and Archer? Read a day in the life of Archer and Jenna.

Letting Go at 40

Want more of Anna and Mason? Read Anna’s reflection. When they are 50.

Silver Brewer

Want more of Letty and Giant (and Finn)? Read about them in the future.

Silver Player

Want more of Roxie and Billy (and Sadie)? Read about Sadie’s prom night.

Silver Player

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Silver Biker

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After Care

Want more of Edie and Tommy? Read about their wedding day in “Rockin’ New Year.”

Midlife Crisis

Want more of Midge and Hank? Read “Later” in Hank’s POV.

Restored Dreams

Want more of Lily and Brut? Read “Life is Full of Surprise” in Brut’s POV.

Second Chance

Want more of Mati and Denton? Read “The Many Sides of the Road” in Mati’s POV.

Wine & Dine

Want more of Dolores and Garrett? Read “Over The Rainbow”, Garrett’s proposal.

The Sex Education of M.E.

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Liebe als Therapie
Wiedererweckte Träume
Zweite Chance in der Liebe

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Read an excerpt from Triton.

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