It’s a battle for love when a champion fighter wants to keep his wife.

Cain Callahan wants his wife back. Trouble is, he can’t find her. Lost after their rushed marriage, he’s been on the hunt for her. Her quiet, shy nature shouldn’t have been a turn on for him, but one-night with too much passion-punch and that fling turned into his ring on her finger. Then she disappeared. As he’s never been a quitter in or out of boxing matches, he’s determined to win her over…once he finds her again.

Sofie Vincentia-Callahan didn’t expect to get married. Problem was, she couldn’t resist him. The temptation of an alpha male so opposite her bookish style quickly burned to deep passion and a night she’ll never forget. When she learns the truth about him and his past, she feels she has no choice but to separate from him. Only, she’s back and he’s more committed than ever to keep her as his.

Lies and lust blur the lines, leaving the question: can love conquer all for this married couple?

This new adult romance retells one of the oldest tales of brother against brother, only this time both brothers wish to win at love. If you like a strong alpha male, a book-smart heroine and boxing matches, then you’ll cheer on this rocky marriage to become a true romance.

The second of two stories about two brothers.

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