Can her secrets be safe with him when the rest of her life is so public?

Ivy Carrigan’s life has been lived in the public eye as the daughter of a famous female rock star. Being in that position, it’s difficult to know who to trust, who to believe in, and who to fall in love with. When Ivy finds herself in a predicament and under Gage’s renewed interest, determining his motive becomes confusing. He couldn’t possibly want to take on all her secrets.

Gage Everly is on the verge of stardom as the lead singer of Collision. The fast track of fame and fortune isn’t the only thing he’s wanted over the years, though. After a supply-closet encounter, he’s never been able to let the memory of Ivy go. Now, opportunity presents itself for his chance at winning her affection. He only needs to convince her he’s more than a rock star at heart.

When two stars in the limelight collide, the collision could be more than either ever expected.

This spin-off novella from AFTER CARE tells the origin of Collision, the band managed by Tommy Carrigan. It can be read as a stand-alone and follows the early encounters of Ivy and Gage chronologically before AFTER CARE.

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