Fools for Love

Silver fox. Short stories. Long on swoon.

Wise men say fools rush in, and these six short stories with silver foxes hold that statement to be true.


Tommy and Edie reunite with family and friends who are family five years in the future from their original meeting in Hawaii where a breast cancer survivor fell in love with a former rock star.

The Red Dress Affair:

Ruth Avery unexpectedly celebrates Valentine’s Eve with a stranger who looks familiar. Two days later, the sexy baseball catcher is now her client who needs a reputation makeover.

Chance Encounter:

While Kaylie Donagel is on the hunt for the man of her dreams in Ireland, fate has other plans for her when one annoying, but hot, pub owner gets involved in her mission.

Quarantine Song:

Single mom, Iris Yonker, has trouble keeping her hands to herself when a hot, silver fox neighbor needs assistance during a lockdown.


Swoonworthy firefighter Ash Flaherty crushed on Ember Matherson in high school, and when the two find themselves on a blind date twenty years later, sparks fly.

The Wedding Dress:

Small-town florist Hetty Rose needs a dress for a wedding, but the last person she expected to crash her fitting room in the boutique is Bear Grady, a local biker.

**From single moms to hot firefighters, destinations and fitting rooms, reunited lovers or second chances at love over 40, these short stories are filled with characters over 40, steamy time, and all the swoon.

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