Midlife Crisis

When a sexy silver fox encounters a single mother in crisis mode, love might be the second chance to fix both their hearts.

Forty-one and feeling unaccomplished, my midlife crisis begins with burnt toast on my birthday. Hardworking yet underappreciated, I never say no—not to my ex-husband; not to my three children—but I want to. Boy, do I want to. But, when chance encounters continue to bring me face-to-face with a sexy silver fox, for the first time, I want to say yes, yes, yes to him—Hank Paige.

As a recovering alcoholic and former rock star, he once had it all: fame, fortune, and females. In the past, his big heart landed him a damsel in distress gone wrong, and I don’t want to be another hot mess on his list. Fighting her ghost in the midst of questioning everything about myself isn’t what I need either.

However, what can I do when the solution to making my life feel not-so-less might be the something-more he’s offering?

From L.B. Dunbar comes another romantic comedy containing a sexy silver fox, a woman having a midlife crisis, her three teenage boys, an auto-repair shop, some cupcake frosting, steamy bathroom scenes, and a second chance at love (over 40).

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