Restored Dreams

When a sexy silver fox finds a woman in his vacation home, a little icing and a long-overdue apology might give him a second chance to restore his dreams with the one who got away.

Go, my business partner urges. I deserve a vacation. I’ve worked hard to establish my bakery and I’m proud of my accomplishments, but an absence in my life still exists—like a cupcake that just needs that something extra—and it all stems back to one man—Brut Paige.

The now solid-silver haired man was the one who got away and the last person I expected to find at my beach house rental. For twenty-two years, I’ve kept up on the single father who’d taken care of everyone else—his pop’s garage, his brother’s downfall, and his growing child. He needed the life break as much as I did, and when he makes a proposal, just like when we were younger, he’s difficult to resist.

One week. No mention of the past. No plans for the future. Just be.

A major mistake tore us apart. A little matchmaking forces us together. Some frosting, forgiveness and a few surprises might refresh both our hearts and our dreams.

From L.B. Dunbar comes more romantic comedy containing a sexy silver fox, the woman who got away, a beach house vacation, naughty board games, a cupcake bakery, and lots of frosting when reunited lovers get a second chance at love (over 40).

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