Return to the Island

Tack lost her two years ago. In a social experiment gone wrong, the participants fell in love…or was it only lust and forced proximity?

The socialite millionaire has questioned these things until he learned where she’d been – right under his nose. With his Mouse discovered, it’s time to return to the island. Together.

Juliet wasn’t hiding. She simply moved on from that period of self-discovery and redemption. The new philanthropist believed he had done the same until circumstances drew her back to him. When she discovered he’d been searching for her, she needed to make a decision: return to the island or live without him forever.

Can two separated souls uncover true love or was the time they shared only a failed test at attraction?

This thought-provoking conclusion to the Island duet sets L.B. Dunbar’s work apart from other dark romance. If you like emotional journeys, tumultuous paths, and occasionally frustrating characters, then this tale of love after forgiveness is a second chance romance for you.

Welcome back to the island.

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