Narrated Aaron Shedlock and Emma Wilder

Silver Biker

Sometimes the only way forward is to fall back in love with your wife.

When a small mountain town, silver fox biker loses everything he holds dear, it’s a bumpy ride to reclaim his heart.

James Harrington.

That’s my name, my birthright, and my curse. I didn’t always dislike being a Harrington. At one time, I took it for the privilege it is. But a name doesn’t stop you from losing everything, and after six haunting years that everything is back, forcing me to face the past or give up a future.

Evie Harrington.

You probably haven’t heard my name because James doesn’t talk about me. Or to me. We had it all, and I was never happier. My family was my entire world, but that world shattered. When faced with the unimaginable as a parent, is there any way to put the pieces back together? After six painful years, it’s time for James and me to accept our history and move forward or move on from one another.

+ + +

A marriage in trouble has only one course: fall in love again or ride away without a backward glance. Read how James and Evie weather their history and the hopes for a future in this steamy, small town, second chance at love over 40.

**The Harrington brothers are a spin-off from Second Chance, but don’t you worry, this later-in-life romance can be enjoyed as a stand-alone.

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