Narrated by Chris Brinkley and Stephanie Nemeth-Parker

Silver Brewer

Sometimes you just need to embrace the challenge.

When a quiet, grumpy, silver fox mountain man encounters a chirpy, sunshine, city woman who wants his land, he offers an ultimatum: three days camping. What could possibly go wrong?

George Harrington

Giving up my family’s property is never going to happen.

No sale, Cricket.

However, the chirpy city woman with sky-blue eyes and fast-talking lips wears me down. Or at least whittles away at my lack of spontaneity. Suddenly, I find myself negotiating with something I promised myself I wouldn’t ever sell again. My heart.

Olivet Pierson

Obtaining his land would be the biggest real estate deal of my career.

Name your price, Mr. Harrington.

The muscular mountain of masculinity isn’t going to get in my way of getting what I want. My future depends on this acquisition. However, after accepting his crazy conditions to spend three rustic nights up on the ridge, my heart is re-evaluating its options.


Welcome to Blue Ridge where sexy silver foxes meet their matches in feisty vixens.

Can opposites attract? Accept the challenge to find out. Read how Giant and Letty navigate their grumpy-sunshine hearts in this steamy, small-town, second chance at love over 40.

** The Harrington brothers are a spin-off from Second Chance, but don’t you worry, this later-in-life romance can be enjoyed as a stand-alone.

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