Narrated by Jason Clarke and Stephanie Nemeth-Parker

Silver Player

Sometimes the woman you like the least is the person you need the most.

When opposite small-town business owners never see eye-to-eye, a personal development causes them to re-evaluate their bickering ways and negotiate a heart-to-heart.

Billy Harrington.

A young girl walks into a bar… I’d like to say that is the start of a bad joke, but it isn’t. It’s my life. Can you be called a baby-daddy if the secret baby shows up as a teen? I don’t know anything about raising a teenage daughter, let alone being a single dad. And the one person who can help me the most is the woman I like the least in this town. With her bookish ways and long silver hair, she bewitches me. I mean, she despises me.

Roxanne McAllister.

I’ve always been a runner-up in life. To my sister. To my niece. To the infuriating sexy silver fox pub owner across the street from my bookstore. Disregard his lush mouth, quick wit, and bad-boy reputation, because his name garners him privilege in this small town, and I don’t like him. But suddenly, he needs me more than anyone else and wants a truce. Is he able to play nice?

+ + +

Friendship with your nemesis is a gamble. Falling for the enemy is even worse a risk. Read how Billy and Roxanne go from enemies to understanding when opposites bond over a shared interest in this steamy, small-town, second chance at love over 40.

**The Harrington brothers are a spin-off from Second Chance, but don’t you worry, this later-in-life romance can be enjoyed as a stand-alone.

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