Narrated by Lance Greenfield and Samantha Brentmoor

Sterling Heat

Love wasn’t the daily special when a grumpy small-town baker delivers a baby in his bakery. Now, all he can think about is that sweet bundle and her tempting single mother.

Having a baby in a bakery gives new meaning to taking the bun out of the oven.

I’d been in Curmudgeon Bakery for one of those lemon baby-Bundt cakes I’d been craving since I found out I was pregnant.

The draw had nothing to do with the baker himself. Tall, tatted, and edgy, looking more like a biker than a man who makes baked goods. I hardly knew him other than taking a tumble in a rainstorm in front of his shop . . . and then tossing myself at him after he rescued me.

We shared a moment but it’s not what you’d think.

Months later, he delivered my baby among his cookies and cakes. Talk about a second chance encounter.

Then he whips up a plan to pretend to be my baby’s father, and everything heats up from there.

My body.

My heart.

My willingness to accept a perfect stranger’s kindness despite him telling me over and over he isn’t who I think he is.

I beg to differ.

He’s that sugary drizzle on a citrus-flavored, guilty pleasure that’s bad for the hips, but together—him, and me, and baby—we’re the perfect blend of ingredients that might do all our hearts some good.

+ + +

From L.B. Dunbar comes an all-new small-town romance with a big family and the silver fox swoon one expects from her love over-40 romances.

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