The Legend of Arturo King

A living legend rock star. A quiet girl in the shadows. Fate has plans for them.

The generous lover.

Arturo King has it all – fame, fortune, and a band family.
But the one thing he needs is her.
Quiet, complex, and sexy, she is his destiny.
He just doesn’t know it yet.

The unsuspecting partner.

Guinevere DeGrance wants two things – music and recognition.
As the daughter of a prominent rock star builder,
she’s no stranger to bad boy band members, like him.
Dark, talented, and completely irresistible, he’s a future rock king.
And she will be his queen, if her father has his way.

A story steeped in tradition where fate cannot be denied, this centuries’ old romance retells the tale of a man destined for greatness and the woman guaranteed to ruin his heart.

Live on, Arturo King.

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