The Quest of Perkins Vale

He’s been saving himself for the right woman. She might be the one to break him.

The gentle giant drummer.

Perkins Vale is twenty five, a rock star, and a virgin. That’s right. He’s saved himself for the woman of his dreams. The one he met as a boy, found as a teen, and fantasized over until one night…

Fate puts her before him again.

And his world comes unraveled in more ways than one.

The allusive woman.

Hollister SanGrael is a good woman, dedicated to others, and a bit of a mystery. Life has been one big tease with a ring, a promise, and a loss of hope. Her future belongs to the service of helping women in distress which lead her to one night when…

Destiny brings them back together.

He can’t possibly remember her, but he does, weaving himself back into her world.

An unfinished romance gets its conclusion in this modern twist on a classic tale of a hero who waits for his heart to be saved by the right girl.

Soldier on, Perkins Vale.

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