The Story of Lansing Lotte

He’s second in command of the band. She’s the neighbor who wants nothing to do with him.

The player.

Lansing Lotte’s life is in shambles. The band is falling apart. His best friend is missing, and he finally has the opening to go for the girl of his dreams.

Only problem is – the woman in 3A.

She sparks a flame in him he might not want to extinguish, and when tragedy strikes, he can’t resist a damsel in distress.

Could she be the one to rewrite his history?

The neighbor.

Lila Lovebourne is a wreck as an orphaned daughter and a single mother. When her apartment is destroyed, all she needs is a break, and the man in the penthouse becomes her hero.

Too bad she’s sworn off rock stars.

Unfortunately for her, her body nor her heart can’t resist his bad boy charms.

Could he be the one to give her a happily ever after?

A romantic story from the past, where lovers need a second chance, and this modern twist on a classic tale gives a misunderstood man the woman he deserves.

Rock on, Lansing Lotte.

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