The Trials of Guinevere DeGrance

She made a terrible mistake. He still wants her back.

The scorned woman.

For Guinevere DeGrance, loneliness was her crime and an unforgivable mistake led to her begging for redemption. But she isn’t the only guilty party. With the return of a legend comes unanswered questions and a new inquisition – can they survive a reunion or are they lost to one another forever?

The returned hero.

For Arturo King, depression and pain have been his prison and his silence garnered his sentence: the loss of his woman’s heart. But guilt is not hers alone, as his decisions had consequences and he must accept his fate – can he be the man he needs to be to rule the stage again or is all hope gone?

Two broken souls will either heal or burn in the conclusion of the Legendary Rock Stars, a romantic classic retold giving lovers a second chance at their once and future fate.

My once. My future. For music, and love, and Guinevere.

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