The Truth of Tristan Lyons

He’s a famous rock star trying to disappear. She’s just wants to get lost.

The heartbreaker.

Tristan Lyons needed to get away. With the band in pieces, an island in the sun seemed like the perfect place to be lost. Only she crashes his pity party as a second houseguest.

A deal is made.

An agreement struck.

Their shared space could be another way to lose himself, only the more they pretend, the more he desires the truth.

The mystery guest.

Isolde Ireland wanted a break. A life under scrutiny gets old and an unwanted future led her to her favorite place in the islands. Only an unsolicited visitor claims the place as his.

No names.

No histories.

But togetherness leads to all kinds of adventure and the more she withholds the truth, the more emotions cannot be denied.

A romantic favorite of forced proximity and forbidden love where two hearts and true love cannot be ignored, and Fate has a plan to make certain it’s not.

Sway forward, Tristan Lyons.

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