Wine & Dine

When a sexy silver fox, and a man of means, meets his next-door neighbor’s sister, healing her broken heart might be worth more than gold.

At the ripe age of forty-seven, I find myself reflecting on love, and the lack thereof. Exhausted by life, I ran away from my small, mountain town to the opposite coast hoping for some perspective. Instead, I end up plowed over by a smelly, wet dog on the beach. I don’t care for dogs. Then I met its owner—Garrett Fox.

My brother’s next-door neighbor is fit and fine at fifty, and the last thing he wants to do is entertain the train-wreck of me. As a financial investor, he prides himself on possessions not emotions. There is no wealth in love, he claims, but I recognize a fellow burned-by-love heart. Besides being opposites in every other way, we have this one thing in common.

And that pesky connection gets me in heart-trouble once again, because you aren’t supposed to fall in love when your life is falling apart, right?

From L.B. Dunbar comes more romantic comedy containing a sexy silver fox, the woman who got away, a beach house vacation, naughty board games, a cupcake bakery, and lots of frosting when reunited lovers get a second chance at love (over 40).

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